Have you experienced times in which you have probably felt stuck, projects stopped, moody, lack of energy, relationships not working very well, and so on? You have probably blamed the stars, the Sun, Mercury or Saturn and even your mom? Certainly we have all been there done that plenty of times. The real question is not why, is how can we help ourselves to reprogram our minds and lives to avoid the “feeling” of being stuck.
These very basic tips will help you start your reprogramming journey,
1# Love yourself.
By cultivating self-love you will start appreciating more all aspects of your life. No matter your limitations, talents, intelligence, just believe that you are right who and how you are meant to be at any specific moment. Only by loving us and others unconditionally, we are really capable to live in appreciation of the present moment and who we really are. Once you stop judging yourself and others, your brain and body start to relax and experience life differently and with a more positive attitude.
2# Present is priceless, for everything else you can use your credit card!
We see this every day in every single self-development book, magazine, shows, movies. “Live in the present” YES it sounds really easy and simple to do, but just the same way our hearts are made to pump the blood throughout our bodies, our brain is made to continuously create thoughts. There is nothing bad about having thoughts, actually thoughts and cerebral activity mean we are alive and healthy. The conflict can begin when our thoughts are constantly making us to live from our past or planning and predicting what is coming next. In my own personal experience, the more I can be present, the more I appreciate my life, things and people around me. I believe this appreciation help us live in gratitude. Once you shift your energy to a gratitude mode, situations, things and feelings start moving effortlessly towards the right direction.
3# Be proactive
The free will of doing something before somebody else asks or pushes us to do so. Write a to do list, set goals and start taking the necessary steps to achieve them by getting things done just because you decided to do so. By being proactive you are setting the attitude of moving yourself towards a specific action or goal which automatically make you feel more in control of your life.
Mindfully living in self-love and proactively in the present we automatically shift our mind and bodies towards the energy of co-creation, creativity and loving kindness. All these wonderful experiences will continuously set the moving stones for change. Positive energy shifts have been proven to unstuck our minds and souls, helping us live more freely in alignment with the acceptance of what it is available to us.
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