I’m a Health Coach dedicated to help women with to upscale their well-being through mindful living, detoxing, HTMA, nutrition and high quality supplements! 

You are in charge of your health, wellness and happiness.

Why is my Blooming Health & Wellness Program different from others?

The path of transformation relies on having a strategy that will imply self-determination, self-love, discipline and commitment to be willing to become a healthy and happy woman. The balance between your mind, body, environment and nutrition would be the foundation to become the woman you have always dreamed to be.

I believe that changing our mindset and lifestyle is a commitment with ourselves. After this long healing journey I have been able to figure out myself so many health strategies that no doctor could ever help me figure out. I have also implemented many of my own learning lessons during my healing journey into my Blooming Health & Wellness Program.

If you are here I know you are looking to improve your overall health, not for the sake of being thin and pretty but with the purpose of simply FEELING ENERGIZED AND ALIVE. Hey, I hear you and I’m with you. Well, no more, its time to shift many things starting with your mindset. I’m really here because I do care deeply for you, I do care because I once lived this nightmare and I felt lonely as hell.  It’s really my pleasure to support you during your journey!

I would enjoy providing you with the guidance, resources, and tools that you need to have a clear vision on where to go, how to go and start feeling great and into the shape you desire again. We will create change together that will last a lifetime. It would be a pleasure for me to be your support and catalyst in this journey, based on my experiences, training and education, we could identify and eliminate the difficulties which stop you from becoming successful in transforming into a energized, healthy and harmonious woman.

In my Blooming Health & Wellness program I will support and guide you to manage the equilibrium between your nutrition, mind, body, emotions and environment in order to maintain long lasting health, happiness and beauty.

As a Health Coach, I believe that our purpose in the world is to help others by sharing our experiences, knowledge, love and support to others. I love spreading the word about my personal health and recovery journey which includes all the mindful techniques, products and nutrition strategies I have used in order to feel great again.

Good health is life’s greatest asset. Life is a beautiful journey that presents remarkable
opportunities to learn, grow and expand our horizon; but all this is only possible when
we are healthy- mind and body. Beat Breast Implant Illness is my MOTTO!

Our wellness depends upon internal and external factors such as the food we eat, the thoughts we have and the environment we live in. In this program we will implement a series of steps and processes to target important changes in your lifestyle which will contribute to achieve your wellness goals. We can not be healthy if the environment we live in is not clean and healthy; we can not be healthy when we have self-doubt and unhealthy thoughts, we can not be healthy when we ingest the wrong food and we put toxic products into our bodies, we can not be healthy if we don’t take especial care and attention to our gut health and detoxification pathways.  Its more simple than we can imagine, all we need is a little help!

We work together in order to identify what is it that you would like to improve or change health wise. We will see what has not worked for you in the past and start working with the power of your self- trust and self-esteem in order to help you achieve your goals. When you connect your body, mind and soul, with the right wellness strategies, you are able to achieve greater levels of health, beauty, well-being and happiness. When you feel  well, healthy and energized, your body starts to automatically make physical changes by itself. The best part of this mindful transformation is that it is a lifestyle change that will last forever because my Blooming Health & Wellness program is not a diet, neither a magic plan; it’s a harmonious and properly balanced way of living.

We typically would excuse ourselves by saying that we do not have enough time, money or will power to continue moving forward to find the perfect balance for our well-being. Women tend to be their family’s foundation and most of the times we come last in our priority list, without being mindful about how we feel internally and externally. By not being conscious that we are leaving ourselves last in this list, it will be very difficult to give happiness and love to those we care more about, to overcome difficult situations and to become an empowered and confident woman.


Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

Overall health is not dependent on just one aspect; it’s a combination of physical, mental and emotional balance aligned towards holistic health. Our lifestyle, attitude, exercise regime, environment and nutrition choices together lead towards complete good health. As your health coach I will help you align every aspect and show you how you can be in complete charge of your health and wellness.

 I offer a range of services keeping in mind women’s health needs.


Meet the Coach

Good health, wellness and nutrition are my passion.

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Personalized Coaching

One-on-one personalized coaching, with solutions and directions.

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Get in touch with me and I will help get your HTMA done.

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Smart Shopping

I will help you identify healthy food options with customized shopping lists.

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Group Presentation

Effective and interactive healthy tips and solutions.

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Workplace wellness Program

Invest in the wellness of your employees to directly invest in the success of your business.

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