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Are you a busy mom always multitasking? Do you like to feed your family the best and healthier food possible but sometimes you run out of ideas and time? I HEAR YOU, as a single mom of a toddler I know how challenging it can be when it comes to feeding our family right. Eating right entitles diversity of healthy food every day.

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Making lunch boxes for our kids can be very easy but stressful and disappointing at the same time. As a mom you want to give the best nutrition possible, but somehow you end up in the grocery store aisles buying prepackaged meals, packaged snacks, foods and juices which sometimes are the not the best “healthy” options for our kids… sounds familiar? Been there done that, the good news is that you won’t have to worry about this anymore once you get a well-balanced nutritious plan with whole foods, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, LOW SUGAR options which taste delicious and your kids will love eating.

I can help you with this task so you can have more healthy and yummy ideas to feed your kids every day. Studies show that children can focus and do better at school when they eat the right food.
Let 2017 be a year in which mommy can have more time for herself while somebody else thinks about kids’ lunchboxes!

Each Blooming Kid Meal Plan will include a weekly schedule of 2 different snacks and 1 lunch per day. The meal schedules include all menus, recipes and free additional supplemental information you would like to know about in order to ensure that you have the most complete and healthiest lunch box for your kids. (Calendar of meals, Healthy Substitutions List Options for Grocery Shopping, Dirty Dozen List, Healthy Tips and more…)

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