Inflammation is the cause of blood vessel disease, joint problems and neurological problems which are more common to appear as people get old. Luckily, diet and lifestyle can a have tremendous positive impact.
First of all, stay lean. Excess fat is not only extra tissue sitting around your body and making it look fatter. In reality, these cells are constantly pumping out pro-inflammatory substance (into the blood stream) When the body tries to fight these cells as a defense mechanism, inflammation occurs. Studies have shown that the higher the person’s excess of body fat, the higher the risk of inflammation.
Eat high quality fish oils. Cold water fish like salmon, trout and herring are the most effective anti-inflammation food you can have. These oils help protect your body specially blood vessels from damage. They keep the arterial lining smooth and the blood flowing. For optimal health have the right ratio (as close as 1:1) balance between anti-inflammatory oils, Omega 3’s like DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) & EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and Omega 6’s pro-inflammatory oils, AA (arachidonic acid) Typical standard American diet is 20:1
Feed your family grow foods which contain nutrients that promote healthy tissues, strengthen the immune system to fight germs, and repair damage tissue. Some of these type of foods are chili peppers, cold water fish, flax-seeds ground and oil, fruits, olive oil, nuts, sesame oil and spice like turmeric, cinnamon and ginger, vegetables, whole grains and wild game meats.
Stabilize your insulin levels by eating healthy carbs and grazing on small meals rather than eating big meals. Junk carbs tend to promote inflammation, cause high insulin levels which triggers the release of some of the body’s most powerful pro-inflammatory substances.
A good reminder is not to forget to exercise regularly which helps your body burning fat, stabilizing insulin and curving appetite. Being active promotes the body production of prostaglandins and nitric oxide, which are anti-inflammatory medicines for our body. Also, stress levels are reduced with physical activity which help keep cortisol levels balanced in the body. Too much cortisol can also produce inflammation.
Last but not least, smile and keep a positive attitude. Being happy helps healing any illness of the body and the soul 🙂
Thanks to The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood Book by Dr William Sears, for ideas and help into this topic!
Karla Leal
Certified Health Coach

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